The Families of The Way “Communicating with God and Family” Series

Today’s families are facing more obstacles than ever before. We deal with challenges not just from friends, loved ones, and our peers, but also from television, radio, the Internet and social media. Daily, our children face serious problems and our marriages have their foundation questioned.

But, before you sink into a pit of despair, take heart. There is hope! There are answers and solutions that can be applied by any family. The arguments can be fewer, the issues addressed and the misunderstandings cleared up.

The Families of The Way “Communicating with God and Family” Series will give you the skills needed to improve your home and work life. The tools will help you

  • Teach you and your children better communication skills
  • Grow closer to the Lord
  • Strengthen your marriage
  • Build more support for single parents
  • Help you better face challenges and setbacks– be it at work, home, school or beyond

It is our goal to build stronger relationships through the tools provided in this course.

Ask “What” More Than “Why”

Questions are a good thing. They are healthy and show that you are not satisfied with the status quo. And a favorite question for many is, “Why”. We ask questions such as -

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Why aren’t my children more respectful or better behaved?
  • Why is my career floundering?

But, the stronger question to be asking, starts with the word “What” and “How”.

The Families of The Way “Communicating with God and Family” Series will help you discover what changes to make to have better results. Instead of wondering why you weren't promoted, learn to ask, “How can I better communicate with my co-workers to position myself for advancement in the future?”

Rather than wondering, “Why do my teen and I always seem to butt heads?” ask, “What is it that my teen is really trying to say or do?” Then listen closely to their answer as this will build a stronger relationship.

The Families of The Way “Communicating with God and Family” Series

The Families of The Way “Communicating with God and Family” Series is the solution for which you have been looking. It will help you build stronger communication skills that can benefit you in every area of your life! It is a 7-week course that can be used as a single family unit or as part of a group.

We covers topics such as -

  • How to better communicate with your children
  • How to work through issues with your spouse
  • Developing positive listening and speaking skills
  • Growing closer to the Lord
  • Modeling your love for the Lord and your family in word and action

In each 90 minute session, you will use the handbook, answer relevant questions, work through exercises and watch several informational DVD sessions led by the Families of The Way founder Janet Bonnin. In a group setting, you are encouraged to share your experiences –both the good and the bad- so you can learn together. As you practice the skills and share them at home, your family will grow stronger in connectedness and in communication.

By using the Communication Series, you will find yourself asking fewer “Why” and more “What” and “How” questions. This will be the action that sets you apart from others. Nearly any problem can be solved, IF one is willing to ask the right question.

Act Now!

As you participate in the Communication Series, the main “Why” question you will ask is, “Why didn’t I take this course earlier?” Don’t put off ordering this fantastic tool! Start building a brighter future today!

1) “Communicating with God and Family” Series – The DVD with 7 Powerful Sessions on improving Communication and Connectedness with God and Family, plus a Leader’s Guide for leading the series. From $199.

2) “Communicating with God and Family” Series Participant Handbook for each family or parent who participates. Including expanded notes, questions and exercises to deepen learning in each session, plus points to ponder and prayerfully reflect upon. With the purchase of the handbook, parents get access to a closed Facebook forum to continue the support and conversation between sessions. As an added bonus, parents get access to a powerful Tip Sheet and a Wise Parents, Wise Kids Interview. From $29.99 per book.

3) (Optional) Facilitator’s Training - Powerful training given in two in-depth sessions by Janet Bonnin via live conference call for the facilitators of this series. The training helps facilitators master the skills needed to successfully lead the sessions and deepen the growth and learning for all participants. Training includes email support and office hours to check in with Janet if needed. From $199.

Contact Janet Bonnin today at to learn more!